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After almost a century of discoveries in the drug treatment services field, there were reasons to believe that treatment for substance abuse should take a more comprehensive approach. Get the right drug treatment center for you. Contact us now!

With a tradition of medicine practitioners focused on relief and rehabilitation methods, a group of doctors, therapists, and specialists in neuroscience grouped to start offering guidance for those afflicted with substance dependency. They created the biggest network in the US dedicated to providing the best drug treatment services for those who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. This has allowed patients to enjoy high-quality non-invasive treatments specifically tailored to each case.

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We have helped individuals suffering from alcoholism, cocaine and marijuana abuse, and prescription drug dependencies. However, the evidence says that an individual can be truly treated if properly assessed. There are often other underlying causes such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, ADHD and other psychological disorders that should be addressed if we want a complete recovery. At AHX we make sure you are placed right where you can get the help you need.

AHX is your safe haven. Call us today if you believe you or your loved ones are having problems with substance abuse.


(888) 777-5447


AHX Helps People Live Better Lives

After care is as important as the initial care

Speak confidentially with AHX recovery referral expert.

We work with accredited doctors, therapists and care professionals that specialize in the widest variety of addictions.

All kinds of substance abuse and brain-related disorders, that potentiate dependency and addictive behavior, should be assessed individually. This is the secret to a gradual yet visible transformation and a successful recovery with very low chances of relapse. Get the drug treatment help that is tailored to you as an individual. If you know someone who needs help, call us now to learn more about how we work. We will explain how our drug treatment services can help those who need it.


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